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Digital Services 

We can reach anyone, anywhere with our digital services. Expanding your business into another market? We can help with that! Want to drive more tourists through your doors? We can help them find you while they're in the area. Interested in starting an eccomerce store? We build website with e-commerce solutions as!

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  1. Search Engine Marketing: Google, Yahoo & bing
    Many customers take action or make a purchase soon after consulting a search engine. We help you capture motivated buyers as they search on Google, Yahoo & Bing for your business & your competitors' businesses.
  2. Mobile
    Hyperlocal: With mobile, we can help drive in-store traffic by targeting potential customers in your area with the right message at the right time in the right place. Geo-retargeting: For businesses with a longer buying cycle, we keep your message in front of these customers as they conduct more research before making a purchase.
  3. Site, Search & Contextual Targeting
    Did you know that most consumers never return to a website after visiting for the first time? Site retargeting enables your business to re-engage with & remind customers of your brand, services & products after they leave your site. Search Retargeting attracts new customers who may not be familiar with your brand as they search online for similar products, services & competitors. With search retargeting, we help your business attract new leads & stay top of mind while potential customers are doing research online before their purchase. Finally, Contextual Targeting places you ads next to relevant content, articles & videos online. Because we optimized across all 3 targeting types, you will be reaching people in the decision making process of the consumers' purchasing journey.
  4. Email
    1. We can work with you on building a monthly e-club to help re-engage your current customer base & generate word of mouth for your business by informing your net promoters of new inventory, products, services, offers & more. 2. Targeted emails expand your current customer base by extending the reach of your message to new, potential customers interested in your products & services. Target by purchasing intentions, attributes, demographics, job-title, location & more.
  5. Video
    1. Pre-Roll: Extend your local reach by engaging with customers through online video from any device. Have a specific customer in mind? Target by demographic, location , category & contextual. 2. Youtube: For mass consumer awareness, engage with customers watching videos on Youtube & only pay for self-qualified leads who show interest in your brand by viewing your complete video.
  6. Social Media Advertising
    Reach potential customers based on demographics, interests and relatable brands & products.
Traditional & Digital Marketing
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